At Lexus, we have a deep commitment to the environment and to the world we are creating for future generations. As scientific reports point to further increases in the earth's temperature and the disastrous effects this can cause, Lexus is vigorously working to improve outcomes on many fronts.

A vision for the future

Rising global temperatures are caused by rapidly increasing levels of gases like CO2 in the atmosphere. Yet this is caused by more than simply motor vehicle emissions. Energy consumption and the waste that is generated during manufacturing also have a significant impact.

Lexus has always looked further ahead, not simply in designing better vehicles to drive, but in helping to create a better world in which to live. We have been thinking green for many years. The development of hybrid technology is central to our commitment to develop better solutions not only for Lexus drivers, but also for the planet.

Hybrid and beyond

Our commitment also extends well beyond hybrid technology. The development of innovations like VVT-i, direct injection, lightweight alloy engines and advanced transmissions have dramatically improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Body designs honed in wind tunnels minimise power-sapping wind drag.

Computer modelling before actual manufacture allows bodies to be designed which are lighter in weight without compromising strength, by eliminating unnecessary excess material in non-critical areas.

Hybrid engine

The Lexus Hybrid Drive solution

Through Lexus Hybrid Drive, we are creating vehicles which deliver guilt-free performance. We have invested many millions of dollars developing Lexus Hybrid Drive into an engine system that delivers increased power with decreased fuel consumption and emissions.

Lexus Hybrid Drive is also smoother, quieter, and delivers instant response that defies its status as an 'economy' solution.

In addition, the energy which is normally wasted while slowing down or braking is conserved as electricity which is stored in the battery. When stopped at traffic lights, the vehicle actually switches off to conserve fuel. When brisk acceleration is needed, the petrol engine and high output electric motors combine to deliver dramatic acceleration rivalling far thirstier conventional vehicles.



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