Inside of an LBX Sports Luxury with illumination at night.

The LexusConnected App

Multi-colour interior illumination available on LBX Sports Luxury models only. Pre-production model shown. Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted. Speak to your dealer about device compatibility.

seamless accessibility and connectivity to your vehicle

Features of the Lexus Connected App¹ allow you to locate your car in a busy carpark, monitor your fuel levels and ensure your cabin's climate is comfortable before you even get moving — all from your mobile phone.

You'll need to register, set up and get connected to your vehicle. These videos will help you set up your Lexus Connected App, as well as a step by step guide to get your app connected to your vehicle. If you need some help, you may find your answer in the frequently asked questions.


Get started by installing the Lexus Connected App on your Android or iOS device

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please read these FAQ or visit Lexus Connected App FAQ. 

What are the key features and benefits of the Lexus Connected app?

App features and benefits*:

  • Create & maintain your Lexus Connected Services vehicle profile.
  • Enrol for Lexus Connected Services subscriptions and manage your subscriptions.
  • View your fuel level and odometer.
  • Guest Driver Settings: Set and receive Guest driver notifications.
  • Vehicle Locator: Easily find your vehicle's recent location. (Subject to GPS reception)
  • Drive Pulse: Find insights on acceleration, braking and cornering behaviour.
  • Recent Trip: Review your last 10 trip details.
  • Vehicle Status: View the status of your vehicle.
  • Vehicle Alerts: Receive notifications of your vehicle's state.
  • Lexus Remote Connect: Control aspects of your vehicle including starting the engine, climate control and locking or unlocking doors.
  • Lexus Multimedia Connect: Enables preference setup and control - including sending directions to your car.
  • Add your preferred dealer.

*Vehicle features vary by model and not all vehicles will have all features, to view your vehicles specific Lexus Connected features and inclusions, simply visit:

Lexus Connected Services are subject to certain restrictions and inaccuracies which are beyond the control of Lexus, including availability of the telecommunications mobile network and GPS location positioning.

Operational service quality and accuracy are limited to the reception and transmission of data supporting Lexus Connected Services. Dependent on the 3G/4G enabled DCM, GPS signal strength, mobile network coverage through the Telstra network and other factors outside Lexus’s control which can limit the ability or functionality of the system.

What is the cost of the Lexus Connected App?

Lexus Connected app is complimentary for the first 3 years of ownership starting from the time the vehicle is first registered. After which the owner may choose to either continue, or discontinue the services.

In the case of purchasing a Lexus dealer demo model or used connected vehicle, the remaining complimentary period balance will be automatically transferred to the new owner.

Can I use Lexus Connected app registration/login details to access the Lexus app or vice versa?

Yes, to be eligible for the Lexus Connected app your vehicle must be enabled with 'Lexus Connected services'. A SOS button (located) above your Lexus's rear-view mirror will confirm applicability.*

New: Lexus Connected app account members

1. Download the Lexus Connected app and register.

2. Once logged in, to complete enrolment you will need to add the 'Connected Car" Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN can be input manually or by using the in-app text or barcode scanning tool.

3. You can then use the same credentials to login to the Lexus app.

Existing: Lexus app account members

If you already have a Lexus app account that has your most up to date account (registration) details

1. Download the Lexus Connected app and login by using your existing Lexus app credentials.

2. To complete enrolment you will need to add the 'Connected Car" Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN can be input manually or by using the in-app text or barcode scanning tool.

*From January 2022 both apps will prompt to reset your password, the same login credentials will then work on both apps.

To view your vehicles applicability and Lexus Connected feature inclusions, simply visit:

How do I finalise app setup and activate Connected Services?

To activate your Connected Services, you will need to register and setup your Lexus Connected app account. The first thing to do is to confirm your vehicles Connected Services applicability and features, visit:

Following setup process should take 2-5 minutes

Step 1: Download app and Register your Account

  1. Download the Lexus Connected app from the relevant app store (Apple/Google Play) the app will guide you through the steps to register, enrol and activate the services. The setup process can also be reviewed in “Demo Mode”, via the apps welcome screen.
  2. During the registration process within the app, you will automatically receive a 6-digit verification code to your email. To complete registration, enter this code into the app when prompted.

You have now successfully registered your account!

Step 2:

Setup app and Add Vehicle

  1. Ensure the Lexus Connected app is open and logged in (check that Bluetooth is enabled)
  2. From the app home screen (My Garage), select ‘Add Vehicle’.
  3. Select and add VIN manually or by scanning VIN (Instructions of VIN location in app screen)
  4. Tap the device camera access prompt and select either text or barcode (located top right) ‘Continue’. (ADD VEHICLE)
  5. Vehicle Details (Screen) Add nickname and preferred dealer and set your Dealership; review vehicle connected capabilities. Select 'Continue'
  6. The app will then present the available services on the vehicle. Select ‘Continue’.
  7. At the Connected Services Agreements screen press ‘Accept’.
  8. When complete, the app will confirm trial activation. Select ‘Finish Setup’ to go back to the Lexus Connected app home screen. (Subscription) Select 'Continue'
  9. Home screen – status now ticked – (view status green) 'Congratulations'
  10. Tap bottom tab 'Finish setup' 
  11. In the Connected Activation dashboard tap "Activate Connected Services"
    a) Let's Connect tap "Let's get started"
    b) Step 1 Turn vehicle ignition on
    c) Step 2 Enter Odometer reading into the app 'Continue"
    d) Connected activation complete > Back to Dashboard

Your Lexus Connected app is now setup!

*Should activation be unsuccessful please apply the following trouble shooting methods:

- Go back to step 11 (ensure the actual vehicle odometer reading is added (not Trip A or B distance travelled)

- Go back to step 2, remove then re-add the vehicle

For further support: Call 1800 023 009 between Monday - Friday 9:00 am-6:00pm or email: [email protected]

Does the Lexus Connected app use my mobile phone's data?

Yes, all data costs associated with the use of the Lexus Connected app is the responsibility of the user.

How do I delete my VIN from my account?

You can delete a vehicle from an account using the remove vehicle button at the bottom of the ‘My Garage’ menu in the app.

If you experience any issues, please provide us with feedback within the profile section of the app or by contacting the Lexus Customer Assistance Centre on 1800 023 009 between Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm or email: [email protected]

What is Drive Pulse?

Drive Pulse uses sensor data from your connected vehicle to calculate driving performance for each trip. The key metrics for performance calculation is acceleration, braking and cornering behaviour. Apart from the trip score, an aggregated overall score based on all the past trips is calculated to provide better representation of your driving behaviour.

This sensor data includes odometer reading, acceleration and speed. The driving performance for every trip is mapped to a score on a scale of 11-100.*

*Drive Pulse measures harsh cornering, fast acceleration and harsh braking, and provides a drive pulse score based on these factors. Not to be used as a general driver performance measure. Should another driver use the vehicle this will contribute towards the overall aggregate of the primary account holders Drive Pulse score.

To view your vehicles applicability and Lexus Connected feature inclusions, simply visit:

When does my vehicle status update?

Vehicle Status takes up to 3 minutes to update if status has changed. Availability of Vehicle Status information is dependent on vehicle model and capability.

To review your vehicle's Lexus Connected Services inclusions and app applicability, please visit:

I am unable to sign into the Lexus Connected App. What should I do?


"Sign in error"

  • Please check your email and password are correct
  • You can reset your password at the sign in screen by clicking 'Reset It'.

"VIN error"

  • Verify the VIN entered is correct and is a valid 17 digit alphanumeric code.
  • If you have just purchased a used or demo vehicle please contact your Lexus dealer for further assistance.

Your Lexus Dealer is the first point of contact for initial Lexus Connected app registration and setup queries.

You can provide us with feedback within the profile section of the app or by contacting the Lexus Customer Assistance Centre on 1800 023 009 between Monday - Friday 9:00am-6:00pm or email: [email protected]

How does the Remote Authorised Driver feature work and how do I set it up?

As the vehicle owner (Primary driver) you can authorise a Remote Driver to access your vehicles remote features. A Remote Authorised Driver can login to the app using their own account details and view the features associated with that vehicle.*

Before setting up an authorised driver it is important to note that you will lose access to the remote features, including - driver score and recent trips. As the primary driver you can revoke access by unlinking the vehicle, simply delete the vehicle profile from the app.

To setup a Remote Authorised Driver:

Primary driver invites remote driver through app which triggers an email to the remote driver:

  1. Go to the app: Profile Management > Invite User.
  2. Remote driver must accept invite and proceed through 2 Factor Authentication
  3. Once remote user is verified they can access the app features – the vehicle

*Vehicle features vary by model and not all vehicles will have all features, to view your vehicles specific Lexus Connected Services features and inclusions, simply visit:

Why is my engine not starting after pressing remote start?

Once started with Lexus Remote Connect, the engine will shut off if:

  • Door is unlocked by the key fob.
  • Key fob is placed in the vehicle.
  • Engine has been running for longer than 10 minutes.
  • “Stop” button is pressed on the app.
  • Doors, boot or bonnet is opened.
  • Alarm has been triggered.
  • Ignition is already on.
  • Vehicle is not in park.
App Connectivity
01.The Lexus Connected App supports vehicles with a Build date from 2009 onwards, with or without Lexus Connected Services. A range of vehicles are equipped with Lexus Connected Services. Features vary by model. Fees & limitations apply. See for more information. Complimentary period ends 3 years from delivery date. Fees may apply thereafter. See Requires activated DCM (until the earlier of 2033 or Telstra 4G sunset), compatible device, app installation/connection, third party info, mobile data, Australian network reception, GPS signal, enabled push notifications and other factors outside Lexus’s control which can limit functionality. Mobile usage at user's cost. Features vary depending on vehicle model & subscription choice, and subject to change. For details, see


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